Tips on How to Write a College Admission Essay


The college admission essay is a vital standard written document submitted to admissions representatives who are seeking to admit qualified students into their schools. In general, it contains five body paragraphs, an introduction, descriptive sentence, and a final paragraph. The introduction needs to outline the student’s broad educational background and make personal reference to prior educational and professional achievements. The descriptive sentence will include all details of the major activities and achievements that helped to form the student’s major area of interest.

One common mistake made in writing the essay is using the personal pronouns “I” or “we”, “me” or “our”, “us” or “our”, or “my” or “our”. These are correct when used in the context of a personal statement for someone other than a child or parent. But it can be a big mistake when used in an application sample. Use “I” or “we” or “my” or “our” to describe the student, not the person applying. Also, using “I” or “we” or “my” or “our” can lead the reader to believe that the student is really part of a group and was a significant part of an event. This can make the reader believe the applicant has done something noteworthy.

Another common mistake is breaking down the essay into proper structure by listing the major points. Sometimes the essay can be so long that you will not have time to address each one. Therefore, look at the prompt and think of a way to condense it to fit nicely within two to three minutes. There are a number of ways you can shorten the prompt. Some examples of shortening methods are: abbreviate words (such as “the,” “theory” and “school”), use words that sound alike (a couple times, instead of “occasionally”), and shorten sentences by introducing the main idea in a different way.

Writing Tips

One of the most important tips on how to write compelling essays is to write them with a sense of personal interest. It is this very personal interest that will capture the reader. Avoid going through the motions; present yourself as a person interested in learning about the particular college or university that you are applying to. If you have a favorite pastime, share this knowledge with the admissions committee. You will appeal more to the reader if they connect with you.

A good college essay always benefits from having a good editor. The writer must ensure that the college decision makers do not feel they are reading another novel. A good editor will help make sure that all of the information is relevant and accurate. The editor will be able to help the writer put together a cohesive argument, drawing the reader into the story. A good editor also will be able to help the writer show why their specific essay is “so good.”

There are several ways for one to go about editing one’s own essays. One can choose to hire a professional. Although this can be quite expensive, a trusted editor can help one polish their written pieces. Another good tip on how to write compelling essays is to use essay writing editing services.

Essay editing is beneficial because it gives one the ability to find any grammatical errors or inconsistencies in the essay. It also gives one a chance to make any necessary changes. Many services offer tips on how to write a compelling college essay. They can help students write a more polished piece of writing that is certain to make an impression on the college admissions board. One of these services is International High School Admissions Services (IHSAS). Their website can offer students tips on how to write compelling college essays as well as useful tools such as word processors and spell checkers.

College admission essay prompts can be tricky to deal with. One must know how to get around it. It is best to do some research before actually getting into the writing process. This ensures that one is prepared from the start. With a little help, anyone can perfect their essay.